Varanasi Weather

Varanasi is located at aproximately 26° North of the Equator, near the Tropic of Cancer in the Ganges River Valley. As such, it enjoys a reasonably comfortable winter season, but a nearly unbearable hot season.

Normal mid-winter temperatures strike a low in the mid 30's and daytime temperatures in the 60's. It is comfortable sweater weather, although sometimes chilly without any form of heating systems in the homes. Sometimes in late December and January heavy fog cover will appear in the early part of the day. October-November and February-March are almost always comfortable and sunny.

Summer brings a less comfortable weather situation. Begining in April continuing through June it is extremely dry and daytime temperatures often climb up to 115° F. (45° C.). Fortunately the nights cool considerably, bringing temperatures down to the 90's at night.

In late June or early July Monsoon season brings torential rains and high humidity, fortunately the temperatures will normally remain under 100°F (37°C.), although uncomfortably humid. By late September the city again returns to a comfortable level.

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